Trash the Dress

The cost of a wedding gown can be expensive!   Plus all the shoes, accessories and under garments. Next, you have alterations, which can cost several hundred dollars depending on what you need done. Then, when the wedding is over and all your gifts are opened and your thank-yous are sent, you have the expense of “storing” your gown. Depending on how you decide to store it, the process can be expensive, again costing up to several hundred dollars, then it will sit in your closet for years to come.

Recently I’ve been really excited by the “Trash the Dress” phenomenon.  Trash the Dress surfaced circa 2005 and is credited to photog John Michael Cooper of Las Vegas, and it’s a fun trend that is becoming a more popular idea among brides.  Some people call is “Cherish the Dress” or “Rock the Frock” instead…but it all comes down to one thing….destroying your wedding gown.

Some brides might gasp at the thought of destroying their dress, but “Why not?” I guarantee that in 30 years your unborn daughter is not going to want to wear it (but I bet she will love the photos that emerge from your Trash the Dress photo session).   Wouldn’t you rather take that space in your closet where the boxed dress will sit and gather dust and fill it with fun new clothes and bags?   And get some beautiful creative photos in memory of the dress…..

Great for divorcees too!


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